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( Welcome to Office Stamps! )
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Hello and welcome to Office Stamps! Here you can find out which Office character you are most like. To do this, simply read the rules and fill out the application! :D

1- No rudeness is tolerated, no matter what.
2- Tag your posts. There is a !needs votes tag. Use it!
3- You can only be stamped by a mod.
4- You must vote on EVERY unstamped application in order to be stamped. You must provide links that you have done so, otherwise I will not stamp you. I will be checking!
5- No sockpuppet journals/roleplay journals are allowed.
6- When posting pictures, do not post cosplay pictures.
7- Post your application under a cut.
8- Put "that's what she said!" in your subject so we know you've read the rules!
9- Themes will ALWAYS be open! No need to ask.
10- No stealing post it notes.

Please use this application for all themes: